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About Suzi Potts

The role of a career coach/counselor is to support in your exploration of a new path, improve the path you are currently on, and provide you with a perspective that is grounded in current research, relevant business application, and experience to lead to the changes you are looking to institute. I am results oriented and enjoy supporting clients whom are ready to institute new ideas, so progress can be made and the goal of achieving professional fulfillment becomes realistic.

Coaching focus:
Recent College Grads
  • Interview preparation
  • Career planning & management
Some of Suzi Potts milestones:
  • Undergraduate Degree - Speech Communication, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Cal Berkeley Adult Education
  • Certificate In Human Resources Management
  • Master's Degree - Counseling, Psychology & Education, Santa Clara University
  • 15+ Years of Recruitment & University Relations expertise grounded in multi-billion dollar organizations with a best-in-class appraoch to talent acquisition and development.
  • Currently pursuing Doctorate in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Customer Reviews and Testimonials:
My name is Patty Bishop and I am the Director of Career Development for Saint Mary’s College of California. My department works with companies to build relationships with organizations that hire our graduates. We literally deal with hundreds of companies who specialize in campus recruiting. Of those that we interact with, there are always a few that rise to the top as far as being “star quality” recruiters. Within this elite group, we consider Suzi Potts as being one of the exceptional leaders in the profession. Why? Mainly because of her desire to excel at what she does. It does not surprise me that she has been promoted within Southern Wine and Spirits- she is a leader. To know Suzi is to know that she will always give her very best in the way of delivering results for her company or whatever organization she is working with. From a Career Center perspective, and one that has her interacting with college undergraduates, she knows how to properly coach students so that they perform better in job searches. She is energetic, passionate, and on-point for the knowledge she conveys to the students. We have respect for her genuineness and guidance and would whole heartedly support Suzi for any type of mentoring/counseling type of role within your organization. She is heads and shoulders above most professionals in this important area. Suzi has our full endorsement!

Patty Bishop
Director of Career Development, Saint Mary’s College of California

I was part of the 11% unemployed workforce in early 2011. I knew that I wanted to make a career change and was at a complete loss of how to get on point to achieve this goal. I talked to career counselors and they always tried to pigeon hole me into what they thought I should do instead of listening to what it was that I wanted to achieve. I asked Suzi for guidance and what she did was really transform my way of looking at my past work history as a negative and turn it into a positive. She took the time to understand what my strengths were, how I could transfer my skills into what I really wanted to do and set steps to achieve milestone goals so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed and lose sight of what I wanted. With her help I feel the benefits of making that career change and know that it was completely the right choice for me.

Brenda W.

Entering 2011, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the first Mentor Mentee Program created by Suzi Potts. I was selected to be a part of this groundbreaking program through my successes in my current position. Since the start of the program, I have been empowered and inspired by mentor Suzi Potts, to become a coach and a professional leader while developing my career. Suzi has an infectious energy and the work ethic that is second to none. I had an overall incredible experience working with Suzi over the past year. She has taught me everything I know about Southern Wine and Spirits and most importantly how to be a professional. This program has set the foundation for coaching young professionals into educators in work as well as life. The amount of growth and experience I have gained from Suzi is immeasurable and will be with me for the rest of my life. Not only did I see Suzi as a mentor, but I see her as a life coach. I am proud to work along side Suzi as part of the first Mentor Mentee Program at Southern Wine and Spirits.

Ernesto R.
Recent College Graduate and Current Employee

I had a great experience with Suzi. She was very informative and explained many different avenues of networking that are important for me as well as important job search tactics.

Ankur P.

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