Lauren Still

Strategic Career Planning

About Lauren Still

Engaging a career coach is an important step in taking proactive control of your career, and provides you invaluable support and guidance. I specialize in personal branding and career management -- essentially helping you articulate who you are and what you have to offer, then crafting strategies to use those strengths in ways that result in achievements, opportunities, successes, and the related rewards for a long time to come. The work we do will address your immediate career needs, and lay a strong foundation and focus for the rest of your career.

Coaching focus:
Strategic Career Planning
  • Proactive career planning and management
  • Setting yourself up for success in a new role (eg, first 90 days)
  • Boosting performance and reviews
  • Leadership and "next level" skill development
  • Skills to deal with "sticky" work situations and communications
Some of Lauren Still's Milestones:
  • 6+ years of professional career coaching experience, in addition to a decade of on-the-job coaching in corporate environments.
  • Broad personal work experience in small family businesses through large multinational corporations; individual contributor through executive roles; experience working with a variety of cultures on three continents.
  • Extensive experience working with "rising star" professionals and mid-level managers
  • MBA from University of Colorado's prestigious Executive Programs
  • BA from Carleton College
  • Certified professional coach
  • Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence coach
  • One of a few coaches trained and licensed to deliver ISEI's Leader as Coach training program
  • Listed as one of "50 Personal Branding Experts to Work With"
  • Quoted as an expert in numerous articles on career advice topics, including Money magazine and the Wall St. Journal.
Customer Reviews and Testimonials:
When someone was promoted above me, I was ready to quit. But Lauren helped me realize that I didn't want their job! I wanted to be moving in an entirely new direction. With Lauren's guidance, I defined a new role for myself, and proposed it to my bosses. I focused on the benefits this new role would give the company. Now I'm actually doing that job, on my terms, and my transition is viewed as a success to everyone at the company! I'm so happy I stayed. It worked out better than I could have imagined.

Margot M.
former Producer and current Content Strategist at a design firm

Working with Lauren has allowed me to move past the fear that was keeping me from being my authentic self and preventing me from moving my career in the direction I wished it to go. Lauren helped me to clarify my short and long term goals and to identify the steps to reach these goals. Throughout the process, she has held me accountable for each of the actions I identified as being important, provided me with much encouragement, and helped me see that I am capable when I have doubted my knowledge and abilities. In addition to her coaching skills and knowledge, I have benefited from her tremendous amount of business expertise. She truly understands the "full picture" and as a result, I have been able to take concrete steps to provide my clients with an additional set of services to manage change in their organizations. I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough and would encourage both companies and individuals to work with her.
If anyone questions the value of your services, Lauren, please feel free to have them email me.

Hope E.
Partner in a business

Lauren helps her clients ask themselves the right questions. She perceptively identifies the issues blocking her clients--especially the ones that the client may not be confronting or even aware of.
When you spend a good part of your time getting your own clients to think about mission and strategy, goals and priorities, it's hard to focus your thoughts on those areas for your own business and career. Lauren helped me to see that road block and tear it down. Then, I could see whole pathways and new connection to what I really wanted to my career to be--ones I couldn't see before.
If you have any questions about how Lauren might help you, please feel free to contact me.

Leslie B.
Business Owner

Excellent career coaching... I am happy to report that our efforts have been successful!

Mark S.
financial professional

Lauren draws a great amount of thought out of her clients... realistic and well-grounded.

Matthew A.
business owner

Lauren opened my eyes to opportunities to grow that I could not see because I was too bogged down with mundane details. I left each session with a clear plan of how to achieve my goals, both short and long term. She never told me what to do. She simply guided me along the path.

Kim J.
business owner

You help to put things in perspective, focus on my goals, then make plans to achieve those goals... a joy and a pleasure working with you.

Julie B.
business consultant

Working with Lauren has been a wonderfully enlightening and uplifting experience. Her kind, caring, professional way of asking the right questions has helped guide me towards becoming a better version of myself, both personally and professionally.

Abbie Q.
natural body care specialist

I would highly recommend you to anyone who is not completely satisfied with their current situation. At the end of every session I feel excited about the future and motivated to continue on the path which you have helped me see ahead of me.

Julie R.
Business Owner

Thanks again, Lauren, you have proven to be effective and invaluable to my career.

Mark S.
finance manager

Thanks Lauren! I appreciate the time spent this afternoon "holding up the mirror" for me to see my true desires...and fears. I am going to try to talk my husband into signing up as well, fingers crossed!

Julie G.

You changed my life in just the short time we talked today... you helped me find my spunk!

Sally B.

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