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Welcome to the only site where you can get expert guidance quickly on any career-related question from your choice of highly experienced, customer-rated coaches, by phone or email. There's no minimum commitment and our prices are clear.

CareerNav's mission has a singular focus--to help you navigate your career questions and make the best career decisions possible. CareerNav's team of career coaches are world class. We're also proud of our designers and web development team that created, which is a new model of career coaching that removes the hassles from coaching for customers.

About Mark Andersen

As a successful entrepreneur who has co-founded and led rapidly growing organizations before, I've received career coaching at critical points over the years that has improved my career and life in countless ways. And I don't mean in small ways--I mean in big ways. The coaching I've received has been invaluable because it's helped me navigate my career, given me greater clarity and helped me make better career decisions. As a result, I've ended up in more satisfying organizations with better jobs and higher salaries.

I remember my first coach who encouraged me to start my own company and that led to my co-founding my first successful startup (Gumby's Pizza, a chain my partners and I grew to seven stores). Another coach gave me advice to follow my dream of working in Europe after finishing my MBA at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. So, I didn't accept the safe job offer in marketing I had from a great company and instead I took that leap of faith. I'm so glad I did because I ended up living in the Czech Republic for six years in what was a life-changing experience. As the Chairman of the Business and Economics School at Anglo-American College in Prague I founded and directed the career development center. It was there while providing corporate training seminars for multinational companies like Colgate-Palmolive and Citibank that I realized how much I loved working in career development, as well as coaching students and recent graduates.

I've spent the past thirteen years working in Internet marketing in San Francisco, most recently as the VP of Marketing at Internet and mobile companies that are the leaders in their space. That was also very rewarding work, but for years I've had the desire to return to my roots and help people realize their full potential through career coaching.

Many people haven't worked with a coach before, but that's rapidly changing. People who work with a great career coach have an advantage as others are quickly discovering and that's why career coaching has taken off in recent years. Many top CEOs work with coaches, but for many professions coaching has been too expensive or too difficult to figure out: "how do I find a great coach?", "what if I don't want to make a long-term commitment?...".

These are the problems CareerNav solves. I want every person who wants help navigating important career decisions to have access to a world class coach at an affordable price where you can have just one session if that's what you want.

I have personally screened every coach on CareerNav, so I personally stand by every one (I've even been coached by one and she's outstanding). But, more importantly, you can read the ratings and reviews of every coach. If you want help in choosing one of our great coaches, just email me at

Our excellent coaches can help you whether you want to take your career to you next level in your current company, need advice on how to navigate making a career transition, or want guidance on how to do the most effective job search possible.


Founder and CEO
CareerNav, LLC

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