Meryl Schwarz

Productivity Coach

About Meryl Schwarz

Do you want to fast track your career? Make a career change? Improve your job performance? The key to success is consistent productivity and focused action. Through our work together, you’ll learn to motivate yourself, overcome procrastination, improve your time management, and much, much more. There is no limit to what you can do when you have the right tools.

Coaching focus:
Productivity Coach
  • Performance improvement
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Overcoming procrastination
Some of Meryl Schwarz's milestones:
  • 30 years experience in business (including employee training, coaching and mentoring)
  • 6 years coaching experience (500+ hours 1:1 coaching; 120 hours group coaching)
  • Graduate of Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer Program 2010 (Jack Canfield is the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His 2010 Train the Trainer class was limited to 100 participants world wide, and I am proud to have been one of them.)
  • Certified Professional Coach (Certificate awarded by College of Executive Coaching, 2006)
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University
  • Masters Degree in Special Education, Temple University
Customer Reviews and Testimonials:
Meryl’s coaching has been so helpful to me. Meryl is a good mix of insight, clarity, encouragement, patience, and honesty (especially when I don’t want to deal with something but absolutely need to). In our meetings, she helps me see the problem, gives a variety of tools to get through it, and always moving towards the next step forward. More importantly, she is more than just solving the problem of the day but coaching me a new way to handle challenges with a new perspective and tools. This I can take with me to the next phases of my career and use in other areas of my life. If you’re feeling stuck or want help reaching your goals, then I highly recommend Meryl to be your coach.

Stephanie C.

I worked with Meryl during my job search and her help was invaluable. We discussed everything from how to answer specific interview questions to how to manage my time during the job search process. She had some great tools and suggestions that I used to stay calm and centered before interviews. I found that talking with her helped me to focus on what was important, set priorities and keep commitments to myself. She really cares about her clients - she was always willing to spend a few extra minutes when I needed more time to talk about a particularly thorny challenge, and she encouraged me to stay accountable by checking in with her between sessions. I am happy to recommend her to others.


I was laid off a couple of months ago due to a reorganization, and have been working with Meryl on the specific challenge of remaining upbeat and productive as I go through my job search. She has helped me clarify what I want this time off to be about so that I can feel that I'm accomplishing more than just sending out resumes. As a result of my conversations with her, I've been able to tackle projects that have been on the to do list for ages. I'm able to go to bed each night feeling good about myself and the way I spent my day. She's also helped tremendously with interview preparation and job search etiquette. What I like most about her is that although she is supportive, she is not afraid to be honest with me, even when it might sting a little. I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to make some changes, whether personal or professional.

Gardner D.

I have worked with Meryl both individually and as a workshop participant, and I can honestly say that she is the extremely helpful. She understands the challenges that doctoral students face in terms of time management, procrastination, crises of confidence, etc. She has a deep bag of tricks and tips to offer. I, and other students I know, left her workshops with lots of great ideas that we implemented right away. In the weeks and months following the workshops, I noticed a marked improvement in my productivity and approach to organizing my work, as did other students. As a result, progress on our dissertations picked up, allowing several students to finally finish, and others to be among the first in their class to graduate.
When you work with Meryl one on one, you will really feel both the depth of her caring and of her experience. She will listen closely, ask probing questions, and help you uncover insights you never knew were there. She'll support you along the way with suggestions, encouragement, and honesty. If you're a graduate or doctoral student in need of some support, you won't find a better coach than Meryl.

Sarah O.
Doctoral Fellow (graduating June 2012)
Pardee RAND Graduate School

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